“My total weight loss was 18 lbs and 18 inches overall. I lost 5 inches on my waist alone! As I have said before I have always struggled with avoiding sugar and because of that I use to make myself sick a lot! During our challenge and since then I honestly have never felt better. I didn’t have to worry about how I felt because I felt great and I had so much more energy. I gained back a lot of my confidence because I feel good about the way I look again and can finally fit into my pre-baby clothes. It also has helped our whole family to be better about getting the right foods in each day and has helped my husband with his blood sugar levels. I loved that I was able to eat a lot of food and not be hungry and still lose weight and feel good. I feel like I finally have to mindset to eat the way I want to eat and to say no when I need to and to continue to work towards the goals I have set for myself.

I have always exercised. I workout all the time even when pregnant and I have run 4 half marathons. The eating has been my struggle and being in the challenge helped me get the baby weight off much faster this time. Now on to 21 day fix extreme!!!”


“These past 60 days have been a true challenge and I loved every minute of it. Look at the RESULTS! They speak for themselves. I didn’t starve myself. I ate real food and exercised. I feel great, my body is stronger (I have ab muscle now!), my mind is stronger and my stress level is down. I lost approximately 12 inches total.

Am I perfect? Nope but I am a better more fit person. That is what I was aiming for.”


“Yes I lost inches, yes, I lost lbs, but my biggest accomplishment is what I have gained. Time and energy! Change always propels more change. Watch and you will see. When you make one simple change, you will find yourself changing other things as well, without even trying. I became an early morning person. I had to in order to fit my workouts in. That led to me being more awake and alert for when school rolled around. I had more time to accomplish my tasks in the day. I am also a huge napper! Or should I say, I was. I would nap almost every day. Since I started working out and drinking Shakeology, I have only had to lie down twice. Twice! I have more time for reading and organizing my house and life. So, yes, I lost, but I also gained.”


“I feel so much stronger and healthier”