Super Healthy Collagen Fudge

I have a feeling you and your whole clan will loooove this healthy fudge! It has the addition of collagen (which I’m slightly obsessed with and try to use as much as possible!) to add extra health benefits and protein… you’d never guess it’s in there though!

Worlds Best Healthy Cookie

This is my go-to recipe and really is the best healthy cookie recipe I’ve ever made. AND they are grain free, refined sugar free and dairy free (so a big ole win for us PCOS girls!)

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Brownies!

Gluten/grain free, dairy free, refined sugar free. And they’re pumpkin- so VEGGIES! If using sunflower butter, they’ll turn slightly green when cooked which is normal!

Amazing Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

If you need a healthier cake recipe, I got you covered! This one is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 >> delicious yet gluten free & refined sugar free<< AND has NO flours!

No Refined Sugar- Homemade Marshmallows

It might seem silly to make your own marshmallows, but let me tell you, these really are so much healthier, and not to mention, much tastier! They are soft and fluffy and delicious on their own or in a cup of steaming hot cocoa.

Almond Butter Candy

If you want to stay on track this weekend, but still want a little sweet treat, try this simple & healthy “candy”.

Healthier Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes

I think I just found my new go-to chocolate cupcake recipe! These are SO moist and delicious… you’d never guess they were free of refined flours and sugars and oils!

Healthy Strawberry Cream Truffles

These strawberry cream truffles melt in your mouth, are full of flavor, are crazy addicting AND they are healthy! BONUS: they only have a few wholesome ingredients and are super easy to make!

The BEST Healthier Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookie

YOU GUYS! This recipe really is the best! I know that’s a big thing to live up to, but try them and I think you’ll agree. They taste kinda like those Samoa girls out cookies with the combo of chocolate and coconut, only these are way healthier; no butter or refined sugar or flour.

Healthier Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

In my eyes, nothing beats peanut butter and chocolate! No really, nothing!! This is a healthier take on a classic favorite recipe that combines the two of the most delicious foods. 😍

Healthy Fudge Truffles

While most truffles are made with heavy cream and lots of sugar, these truffles are made with flax seed, sweet potato and dates.

Healthy Double Chocolate Hot Cacao Mix

Let me introduce you to my winter BFF… healthy double chocolate hot cocoa mix!

Clean Chocolate Donuts

Delicious Healthy Chocolate Donuts… Dessert for tonight. Or breakfast tomorrow. Or both! ☺

Carrot Banana Donut

Looks like a donut, but is full of fruits, veggies, whole grain and protein .

Healthy Chocolate Macaroons

These macaroons are awesome! Gluten-free, high in fiber, full of healthy fat, easy to make and delicious!

Healthy 8-minute Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is my GO-TO recipe for when I need a quick, delicious treat.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies made with beans

Enjoy these Chocolate Chip Bean cookies… without undoing all your hard work

Banana Chia Seed Cupcakes

Moist, flavorful and MUCH healthier than your average cupcake. And DELICOUS!

Chocolate Chickpea Cake

Yes this is bean cake. And it’s gluten free… Don’t be scared! It really is good. My picky husband ate half the cake (not exaggerating either!). The beans make it nice and fudgy.

Pumpkin Donuts

The #1 ingredient in these is pumpkin… a vegetable! Which I like. Dense, tasty, healthy

World’s Healthiest No-Bake Cookies

These are Super good. In fact, Last night my husband ate a few and told me “dang, those little ball things in the fridge are really, really good”. He rarely says stuff like that, especially about healthy treats, so that’s telling you something!

Healthier Chocolate Birthday Cake

When I think of birthdays, I think of this cake. It’s delicious, moist and everything you want for a special day celebration.

Sweet Potato Cupcakes

These sweet potato cupcakes with marshmallow frosting are really good… something unexpected and festive. AND totally healthy so you don’t feel all nasty afterwards.

Healthy Marshmallow Frosting

Words that come to mind when I think of this frosting: clouds, airy, fluffy, gooey, campfire, sweet, eat-it-by-the-spoonful.

Sweet Potato Brownies

These brownies are delicious… gooey, fudgey, dense. I love that these taste really naughty, but actually have some very good-for-you stuff in them.

Super Food Fudge

Superfood = a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. This delicious fudge is FULL of them!

Chia Seed Pudding

Dessert anyone? HEALTHY dessert anyone?! Yes and YES!! This is sooooo yummy.