Paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake

This version of coffee cake gets in some veggies along along with some fiber-loaded coconut flour and is free of refined sugars. YET it’s still delicious!!

The BEST Paleo Banana Bread

I did it!! I finally found the most delicious, healthy, moist gluten-free/paleo banana muffin recipe! And I’m pretty excited about it !! 😍😍😍

Delicious Paleo Pumpkin Bread

I am a huge fan of pumpkin bread. I am an even huger fan of super healthy pumpkin bread…which is why I am a big fan of this recipe! It is paleo approved too!

Healthy Classic Zucchini Bread

This is the zucchini bread from my childhood, only healthified. It’s moist and has just the right amount of sweetness… not to mention whole-some ingredients you can feel good about!

Basic Coconut Flour Muffins

This has been our go-to muffin recipe lately. It’s super basic and you can add in whatever you want It’s gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free and high in protein and fiber!

15 Minute Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

You asked for this super-simple, fast whole wheat pizza dough recipe, so I delivered! Seriously so easy and a good way to health-ify a favorite food.

Clean Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

These aren’t super sweet and are pretty substantial- you can feel good about giving them to your loved ones for breakfast or a snack 🙂

Pineapple Upside Down Muffins

Something kind of fun and different than your normal muffin! You get fruit, veggies and whole grains without the refined sugars- YES!

Perfect Banana Bread

This is the recipe I’ve been using for years. I’ve tweaked it a few times, but I think I’ve finally perfected it. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, a snack or a treat.

Healthy Husband-Approved Blueberry Muffins

Greek Yogurt Blueberry Muffins. Soft, moist and “buttery” (my husband’s description), yet still healthy.

100% Fruit Sweetened Muffins

The easiest muffin you will find! Only 3 ingredients and completely naturally sweetened! Disclaimer: these are not your typical fluffy, soft muffin.

Apple Muffins

Have you noticed my kids love muffins? Most kids do! I love that they are so easy to grab, filling and healthy. This apple one is a tasty way to use up all your mushy apples 🙂

Pumpkin Cornbread

This is my go-to cornbread recipe. The pumpkin makes it moist and festive… and you know I love any extra veggies I can get!

Healthy Sweet Potato Scones

We love these scones though- healthy, full of veggies and whole grains and they’re very tasty. You should definitely make them!

1 Hour Whole Wheat Chia Seed Bread

The addition of chia seeds doesn’t change the taste, but adds plenty of nutrition. If you’ve never made bread, try this one! It’s a great starter recipe!